Corporate Banking

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SME Finance

Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain has always been a banking pioneer. This time, we have focused our banking expertise and in working with Tamkeen, have established a small and medium Enterprise financing initiative to help support your business growth and potential.

"Murabaha" Contracts

For purchasing goods and machinery from local or international producers and exporters to be repaid through installments agreement between the client and KFH.

"Ijarah" Contracts

Characterized for lightening the operational costs paid by the owners to purchase needed equipments and heavy machinery for the large projects that represents a great burdening on the current capital.

"Tawarruq" Contracts

This solution aims to providing the client with the needful liquidity by means of buying a resalable commodity from KFH at given price.

Letter of Guarantee (LG)

Whether an importer or exporter, our correspondent network with foreign banks will ensure that we meet all your international requirements

"Wakala" Investment Deposits

With "Wakala" investment deposit, a master "Wakala" agreement is signed between the investor and Kuwait Finance House.

Pioneers in Islamic Banking

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Established in October 2002 as the first fully-owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House - Kuwait, KFH-Bahrain’s mission is to deliver excellence and innovation through a broad and integrated range of financial products and services that comply with Shari’a principles.