Tamweely Personal Finance

Welcome to ‘Tamweely Personal Finance’, it’s the new personal financing scheme from KFH-Bahrain that adheres strictly to the principles and spirit of Islamic Shari’a and allows you to fulfil your personal goals and dreams with up to BD100,000 financing.

It’s so easy, simply apply now and you can benefit from an easy repayment plan up to 84 months (7 years).

Why put your dreams on hold when you can enjoy these benefits?

  • An Islamic Shari’a compliant tawarruq facility
  • First real-time experience of a tawarruq process
  • Tamweely Personal Financing is available to salaried individuals*
  • All nationalities are eligible to apply
  • Lowest Profit rates*
  • Get financing of up to BD100,000
  • Enjoy low profit rates and a generous repayment period up to 84 months
  • Quick and easy processing

What do you need to apply for Tamweely Personal Finance?

  • If you are employed you need the following:
  • Bank statements based on the eligibility criteria
  • Original copy of a recent salary certificate
  • Original copy of a salary transfer letter from your employer
  • Original Passport and CPR
  • Benefit Bureau Form (provided by KFH-Bahrain)
  • Finance Application Form (provided by KFH-Bahrain)
  • Account Opening Form for non-account holders (provided by KFH-Bahrain)
  • Final Indemnity for Expatriates 

How does Tamweely Personal Financing work?

  • Tamweely is based on palm oil commodity Murabaha whereby the transaction and transfer of product-ownership occur in real-time.
  • You should declare your intentions to purchase any commodities from KFH-Bahrain by providing a Desire to Purchase Promise to the Bank.
  • In the desire to purchase promise, you will request KFH-Bahrain to purchase and own commodities who will then in turn sell it to you through monthly instalments.
  • KFH-Bahrain will purchase the commodities, through its international brokerage partner, from the Malaysia Bourse.
  • Once the commodities are purchased and an ownership certificate is issued in the name of KFH-Bahrain, you will sign a Murabaha contract for the purchase of the described commodities through fixed monthly instalments.
  • KFH-Bahrain will request the broker to transfer the ownership of the commodities to you and, accordingly, an ownership certificate will be issued.
  • You will personally contact KFH-Bahrain’s international brokerage partner and will authorize the broker to sell the commodities on your behalf in the Malaysia Bourse or you may physically collect the commodities from the Malaysia Bourse.
  • Malaysia Bourse is governed by an independent Islamic Shari’a body that monitors and ensures the proper transactions and trading of the approved commodities between the clients and suppliers.

To apply for Tamweely, visit your nearest KFH branch or call +973 7777 7777 for more information… and start fulfilling your personal dreams today!

* Terms & Conditions apply

Required Forms & Documents

You will need to download and fill the following:

Finance Application Form
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Tamweely Finance Fatwa

Shari'a Board Fatwa concerning Tamweely Finance