Since our inception, KFH-Bahrain, is highly committed to investing in growth and projects of economic and social consequence. We provide our clients with the broadest investment offering and a well diversified range of opportunities.

KFH-Bahrain, employs a global investment strategy which continues to take the Bank and the Islamic banking industry in new and exciting directions. These strategies and principles are implemented by a fast expanding team of seasoned investment professionals with strong regional and international backgrounds and expertise. At KFH-Bahrain, our strength is derived from Allah and our human capital – which we view as our greatest asset and the foundation that defines our superior investment decisions with the successful results.

Our global approach to investing ensures that the Bank can continue to innovate and provide investors access to the most compelling range of Shari’a compliant investment opportunities. KFH-Bahrain believes that at the heart of Islamic banking and finance is shared investment, shared risk and shared reward, and we ensure that this is the case on an ongoing basis in each of the investments we undertake for the benefit of all our stakeholders. On a continual basis KFH-Bahrain, seeks out investments and dynamic projects, companies and opportunities that can drive growth, deliver exceptional performance and add value to our clients’ portfolios. Through our strong network of partners around the world, we have a strong investment pipeline that continues to bring in market investments that raise the bar. Our confidence in the strength of our investment decisions and the partnerships we choose to forge, is best reflected in our policy of maintaining a solid shareholding in our investments.