Student Finance

KFH Bahrain's Student Finance is designed to encourage and facilitate entry into higher education by financing tuition fees for undergraduate as well as graduate students in Bahrain undertaking studies at universities accredited by the Ministry of Education. Student Financing may also be extended to students undertaking studies at international universities on a case by case basis.

In addition to a quick, easy application and decision making process, the student or the guardian may apply for tenor of up to seven years. To be eligible to apply for Student Financing, the students should have successfully completed their high school studies with a grade average of at least 85% or undergraduate degrees with a grade average of 3.0 or higher. The student must be over the age of 21 or where this is not the case, the guardian of the student may apply for Student Financing on behalf of the student.

Achieve an average of 85% or an accumulated GPA of 3.0 and we will get you going to university.

For more information please contact 7777 7777

Required Forms & Documents

You will need to bring the following documents:

  • 01

    Complete Student Finance Form

  • 02

    Original Passport and CPR

  • 03

    Original Salary Certificate / Pay Slip

  • 04

    Salary Transfer Letter

  • 05

    CR Copy, if Self-Employed

  • 06

    Original Last 3 months Bank Statement (6 months for Self-Employed)

  • 07

    Benefit Bureau Form (Provided by the Bank)

  • 08

    Student Latest Graduate Certificate/ Transcript

  • 09

    Student’s Original Passport and CPR (If The Applicant is a Guardian)

  • 010

    Acceptance Letter from The University, With a Breakdown Fees of all Semesters

You will need to download and fill the following:

Student Finance Form
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