Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS)

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain is pleased to inform you that the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), in collaboration with The Benefit Company (BENEFIT), has introdueced an enhanced payment system known as Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS). The purpose of EFTS is to further improve the payment framework in the Kingdom of Bahrain by reducing the transaction time.

The EFTS is a national fund transfer and payment system, that enable Banks’ customers to use and benefit from the EFTS three main services:


A 30 seconds single transfer from any Banks Account to any other Bank Account in Bahrain with a maximum limit of BHD 1,000/ - per Account per day.



Single or Bulk fund transfers from any Bank Account to any other Bank Account in Bahrain within few hours during the business day.



A one stop shop for bill enquiries and payments, where customers can view their outstanding bills of multiple billers and pay all immediately in a single click.

Required Forms & Documents

You will need to download and fill the following:

EFTS Fees and Charges
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