Baytik Ijara Card

Baytik Ijara can help you plan and manage your personal finances, with a low fixed profit rate

KFH has taken the Ijara financing vehicle to the next level, introducing a "New Era in Card Finance" through the development of the Baytik Ijara card. With the introduction of this Sharia'a compliant product, Baytik Ijara represents a new concept in Islamic Banking and Financing. The card itself is the first financing card of its kind that allows the user maximum credit, up to four times their salary  and at only 0.7%, which is the lowest profit rate around! In addition, because we offer up to a 24 months repayment schedule and over 250 outlets accepting the card, shopping for durable goods has never been easier! Baytik Ijara card was designed to enable you to own goods and commodities that you may otherwise not be in a position to access on a cash - and - carry basis. You can now own goods or commodities and pay for them in convenient monthly installments  using the Baytik Ijara card on a "lease to own" basis.

What is Ijara?

Ijara simply means lease-to-own; it is a concept in Islamic banking by which a bank purchases an asset for a customer. The customer then pays for the asset in installments through a "lease-to-own" method at the end of which ownership of the asset is automatically transferred to the customer. KFH-Bahrain is the first bank to apply this "lease-to-own" concept to a finance card, the Baytik Ijara Card, ushering in a new era in card finance for the Kingdom. KFH-Bahrain's Baytik Ijara Card is the first of its kind, Shari’a compliant purchasing facility that gives customers the financial flexibility to make their purchasing management easier. Baytik Ijara gives users a maximum credit limit of up to 4 times their salary at a fixed rate of 0.7%, the lowest profit rate of any card! You can choose a repayment period of between 1-24 months. With a multitude of outlets accepting the card, Baytik Ijara gives you complete control over your durable finances. Now, if that's not worth being friendly over…

Whats the benefit of Baytik Ijara? 

  • Shari’a compliant product.
  • Maximum credit of up to 4 times your salary.*
  • A fixed profit rate of only 0.7% per purchase – the lowest rate of any bank in Bahrain!
  • Enhanced flexibility and speedy processing times - Easy repayments with a choice of financing period of up to 2 years.

How does it work?

  • You select the product that you wish to buy from the list of merchants that are pre-approved by KFH-Bahrain.
  • The Merchant will “swipe” the Baytik Ijara Card through a point of sale terminal and obtain authorisation on the transaction.
  • You simply enter your PIN code when requested by the point of sale terminal. A repayment schedule is agreed for you to repay the total amount over a period of up to 24 months.
  • You are then eligible to receive the relevant product on behalf of KFH-Bahrain.
  • Baytik Ijara’s installments can be debited on a monthly basis from the Baytik Ijara Cardholder’s account with KFH-Bahrain or via cash payments at any of our branches.
  • The Baytik Ijara Card can be used to purchase more than one product provided that the total amount of the relevant durable goods does not exceed your agreed credit limit.
  • Once you complete your last Baytik Ijara installment ownership of the durable goods is automatically transferred to you

How to Apply?

Complete the Baytik Ijara Card application form and submit it to any of our branches in the KFH-Bahrain network. Once the application is received we will process it and agree your maximum spending limit. Your Baytik Ijara Card will then be issued to you.*


*Terms & Conditions Apply 

Required Forms & Documents

You will need to bring the following documents:

  • 01

    Complete Baytik Ijara Application Form

  • 02

    Original Passport and CPR

  • 03

    Original Salary Certificate / Pay Slip

  • 04

    CR Copy, if Self Employed

  • 05

    Original last 3 months bank statement (6 months for Self-Employed)

  • 06

    Benefit Bureau from (Provided by the bank)

You will need to download and fill the following:

Baytik Ijara Application Form
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Baytik Ijara Merchant Finder

See a list of merchants who currently accept Baytik Ijara

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Ask an Expert

We are here to help solve and suggest a banking solution that fits your requirement

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