KFH-Bahrain offers customers Shari'a compliant auto financing through Murabaha and Musawama. Committed to helping our customers stay on the move, KFH-Bahrain provides both individuals and corporate customers with the right auto-financing options when buying either a new or used vehicle.

We provide customers with the convenience and flexibility of paying for their vehicle(s) through easy installments over an agreed upon time frame that can be extended for a maximum period of up to seven years.

How to apply for Auto Murabaha

The purchase orderer (Customer) submits a quotation addressed to the Consumer Finance Division at KFH-Bahrain including a description of the vehicle to be purchased.
KFH-Bahrain will buy the vehicle and possess it either actually constructively. KFH-Bahrain will sell the vehicle to the customer (the purchase orderer) and submit it to the customer or give him a delivery note to receive it from the seller.

Important considerations

A description of the vehicle to be purchased Important Considerations for Auto Murabaha In order to ensure full compliance with Islamic Shari'a for Murabaha, the Bank would like to state the following important considerations to both the customer and the seller:

  • The customer must not place a down payment, sign a sale contract or invoice, or receive the vehicle without the vehicle first being fully owned by KFH-Bahrain.
  • The customer should not ask the seller to deliver the vehicle to the required location before KFHBahrain first buys it and sells it to the customer with a written delivery note to receive the vehicle from the seller.
  • KFH-Bahrain will not conclude any Murabaha agreement if a sale agreement was signed between the customer and seller before KFH-Bahrain owns the vehicle.
  • KFH-Bahrain Auto Musawama Finance is being provided in our Automall showrooms.

    For more information regarding Auto Finance, kindly contact one of our friendly Sales Team members on 7777 7777 or Visit our KFH Automall Sitra showroom

and indulge yourself in the widest range of quality car brands under one roof!

Required Forms & Documents

You will need to bring the following documents:

  • 01

    Recent salary certificate

  • 02

    CPR and Passport (or Driver’s License)

  • 03

    Account Statement for the last three months

  • 04

    Salary transfer letter (if applicable)

  • 05

    A quotation addressed to KFH-Bahrain

  • 06

    A description of the vehicle to be purchased

You will need to download and fill the following:

Finance Application Form
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