Retail Banking

KFH-Bahrain's consumer banking and finance services combine a broad range of innovatice products and services with exceptional customer care. Our products and financing facilities are developed with the aim of providing for long term needs of customers and those of the local market, which continue to increase. Thinking innovatively and ultimately seeking to deliver superior products is at the core of all we do.

Through a growing network of bank branches, KFH-Bahrain can now act as a one-stop shop for our customer's banking and financing requirements.

New services and innovations are being introduced to the benefit of customers on an ongoing basis from technology and service enhancements that provide customers with greater access to information and funds "whether it be locally or worldwide" or through the launch of never before seen products such as our Baytik Ijara card, the world's first Islamic financing card that allows cardholders to acquire durable goods on a lease-to-own basis.

Unrestricted Investment Accounts

One of the most popular types of accounts at KFH is the "Unrestricted Investment Account". This account, known as a "URIA", is based on the principle of Mudaraba where you (as rab al mal) entrust your funds with KFH (as Mudarib) who will invest on your behalf. We invest URIA funds with the bank's own money - making the bank and its customers "partners".

We mainly invest URIA funds in our general financing portfolio - a safe investment and this allows us to "share" the profits we receive from this investment. This explains how we are able to offer attractive rates to our unrestricted investment account holders. The return to the investment account holder fluctuates depending on the performance of the underlying general financing portfolio.

Investment Savings Account

This account can be opened for an individual, companies or institutions with an amount not less than 20 Bahraini Dinars. It provides you with savings and investments in line with Islamic Shari'a principles whereby profits on ivestments are distributed on the basis of unrestricted mudarabah.

Current Account

Our Current Account offers various flexible payment methods to allow customers to distribute money directly to others, and is useful for individuals, companies or institutions. You can open this account with an amount not less than 100 Bahraini Dinars, whereby the account balance is considered as a charitable loan "Qard Hassan" that doesnt yield or accrue any profits or losses and we are obliged to pay this amount immediately upon your request.

Electronic Account

This account is a non profitable account and can be opened for an individual, companies or institutions. It can be used for payment of the variety of Islamic Shari'a compliant finance services we have to offer.

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