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29 Aug 2016

KFH-Bahrain Announces New Winners of “Libshara” Savings Investment Account

Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain announced that Mrs. Hafsa Mohammed Mahmood AlKooheji has won the USD 10,000 Grand Cash Prize from “Libshara” Saving Account and she is one of the lucky winners for 2016.

Mrs. Hafsa commented, “First I would like to thank Allah for winning this prize and I would also like to thank KFH-Bahrain for initiating it. I started to invest my savings with the Bank as the Investment Account is Islamic Sharia. With this great news my confidence has increased and I will continue investing in “Libshara” to hopefully win further for one of another two Luxury Villas in Ishbiliya Village.”

Besides Mrs. Hafsa, there are 67 winners for cash between USD 5,000 to USD 500, including more than USD 77,000 and 10 others winner with Falcon Flyer miles with Gulf Air.

Mr. Khalid Rafea, Executive Manager and Head of Retail Banking Group at KFH-Bahrain stated: “We would like to pass on our best wishes to Mrs. Hafsa for winning the Grand Cash prize of “Libshara” saving Investment Account.” He added: “This year the “Libshara” prizes are evermore exceptional and diversified. After the success, the “Libshara” Account promotional campaigns have reaped by offering large residential Areas in Diyar Al Muharraq and luxurious villas in Durrat Al Bahrain. We are thrilled with our clients who continuously place their trust in us to fulfill their dreams to win one of the three lavish villas in Ishbiliya Village or one of three luxurious cars and many monthly cash prizes which totals up to 2.3 million US Dollars”.

Mr. Rafea concluded, “We wish all the best to our Libshara clients, where our next draw it for a Villa at Ishbiliya Village and a monthly salary for 1 year prizes.

The Draw for the “Libshara” Account was hold recently at the Bank’s main branch in Bahrain World Trade Center under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain’s “Libshara” Savings Investment Account is a Shari’a compliant savings account that presents valuable prizes. For every BD 50 saved with KFH-Bahrain's “Libshara” Investment Savings Account clients are entitled to a raffle entry; so the more and the longer you save the more chances you have of winning. 78 lucky winners will win instant cash prizes every month, totaling about USD 77,000 plus the grand draws on special occasions and events. Eligible clients for entry into the grand prize draws will get the opportunity to win one of 3 luxurious villas at Ishbiliya village, 3 luxury cars and 6 monthly salaries for a one year period. 

The “Libshara” Savings Investment Account is available to all citizens and residents in Bahrain who are 18 years and above and is available for participation by establishments and corporations.

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